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About Us..........

Starlite, Inc. celebrates 32 years of publishing excellence, and is based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  From its origins as a small book publishing house,  it has grown into what is now considered to be the pre-eminent mega superstore,  providing the largest diversified selection of legal assistance manuals and reference books to citizens and legal professionals the world over.  

Over three decades ago, Starlite came into existence due to the need expressed by individuals in search of inexpensive legal help.  To that end, Starlite initially published a looseleaf collection of “case law notes” which became The Citebook--now this nation’s leading legal assistance reference book, with over 7 million copies in circulation. It is the only book written which contains solely positive case law.  It gives you clear and concise understanding of what your constitutional rights really are, how to work your way through the legal system then obtain the legal remedy you seek.  

Starlite offers personalized assistance through our subsidiary, Starlite Support Services.  Professional, experienced legal personnel are available to give support through our computerized research facilities and to aide in securing judicial relief for our clients.

In addition to our full service web sites a full-color catalog of over one thousand legal books, covering numerous topics is available to the consumer and is published yearly.

Our Philosophy..........

From the beginning, Starlite has always attempted to reach out to the litigant in need of solid legal assistance.  After years of witnessing the crushing judicial system grind a litigant into oblivion due to his lack of legal knowledge and monetary funds, our company’s founder felt an obligation to bring Starlite to the forefront by providing a voluminous and diversified selection of legal assistance titles.

For years, our civil and criminal courts have been backlogged with stacks of cases.  Judges dockets are filling up and over-flowing.  Our  world has become more complex and more complicated.  For decades, our prisons continue to be over-populated. Is it possible some of these prisoners are innocent?  Certainly. Does the punishment fit the crime?  Possibly not.  Has there been a legal malfeasance or a   miscarriage of justice? Quite possible.  How does the average citizen recognize this?  Individuals must become educated in “legal-ease” and our legal system. “How to” and “how not to,” depending on one’s perspective?  How does it work?  What are my rights?  Starlite continues to attempt to assist through our vast selection of legal assistance titles.

        Contact Us.......

    For further information or to place an order, please contact us at:

    Starlite, Inc., P. O. Box 20004, St. Petersburg, FL 33742
    Order Desk: 727-392-2929
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